Fantastic Fruit Warp win: 87K in a few days!


Every now and then you find an interesting game, a game that offers something new for a change, with a dynamic that sticks with you… And then, that game turns out to give you winnings that make your head spin. We don’t know if Stevenslots had given Fruit Warp much thought before, but we’re sure that it became his favourite game over the weekend. Let’s find out why that is!

Fruit Warp is a slot game – well, technically, it is. In this casino game, there are no slots, no lines, no wilds, no bonus symbols… But you do gets lots and lots of fruit! This all adds up to not only a healthy choice of casino game, but a potentially very lucrative one too. In Fruit Warp, any appearance of at last 3 identical fruits will trigger a win. The more identical fruits, the bigger the win, but that’s far from all…

Our player Stevenslots found out what Fruit Warp is really about with 3 extremely successful sessions that delivered over 87K in total over the past weekend. First off, he set the tone with some nice weekend wins of €10,240, €11,675 and €15,491.30. On Tuesday morning, he made another win of €11,120, followed by an absolute shocker of €39,188.50, bringing the total to €87,714.80.

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