Fantastic jackpot win on Farmer’s Delight!


Jackpots remain a big draw for players looking for that once-in-a-lifetime win. Farmer’s Delight, a joyful strategic dice game with lively bright colours and characters, is one of our games that has not just one jackpot, but three of them. There’s a minipot of several hundreds of euros, a regular jackpot that’s worth a few thousand, and a grand jackpot that can go well over ten thousand!

Player Ludo1976 took note of these jackpots, and decided to try his luck at the strategic dice game. His efforts paid off when he struck the big jackpot for a win of €11,990.38 at once! Ludo1976 didn’t even need to play at the highest stake for the highest jackpot: each of Farmer’s Delight’s jackpots can be won on any stake. This means that you could potentially win your stake back tens of thousands of times! Thanks to this system, we even had a player who won €25,000 with a stake of €0.25

With the grand jackpot back over €10,000 already, who wouldn’t want the excitement of such a fantastic win? When gives you a €5 welcome bonus to try it for free if you haven’t registered yet, it doesn’t hurt to see if Ludo1976’s luck can be yours too! We’ll also double your first deposit thanks to bonus code GP500: deposit €500, receive €1,000!

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