Find Santa in today’s Golden December challenge!


Golden December has arrived onto the day before Christmas. By now, you should have your eye on your favourite prize in our €25,000 Golden December prize pool. If you haven’t, don’t worry: there are still hundreds of points to be earned in the remaining Golden December days!

Today, it’s all about Santa, who will be out delivering his gifts to the world. It seems like he has run into some trouble along the way, though: he’s lost on our site… Santa was smart enough to leave 10 traces, though. Can you gather the full set of 500 points by finding all santa images?

Find santa!

Obviously, no Golden December contest would be complete with a visit from Santa Claus himself. As every year, he came to spread holiday cheer across, but it seems like he got a little lost this time around. He left traces of his visit all across our site – more specifically, on 10 random pages. It’s up to you to track Santa’s visit to Simply visit our Golden Palace Casino Games Facebook page, where you’ll find the image you need to look for. Can you spot all santa images?

500 points to earn!

Have you found all 10 santa images hidden all across Then you’re awarded 500 points! Every santa is worth 50 points, so it’s worth to keep looking until you find them all. To receive your points, all you need to do is send us the addresses of the pages where you found the images by mail to or by sending us a private message on our Golden Palace Casino Games Facebook page before midnight today. Remember: only your first message with answers will count!

Stay tuned for more challenges

There are still days left in this month of December, so that means that you can still earn the points you need to win yourself a nice prize in our Golden December contest! With a prize pool worth €25,000 shared across the top 100 players on the leaderboard, there are so many reasons to join the fun! Register now if you hadn’t done so before, quickly participate in the challenges on our Golden December page, be sure to memorize the terms and conditions, and finish the year 2020 with a bang!

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