Focus on Big Brother Dice

14 March 2023

Focus on Big Brother Dice | Strategic dice game | Online casino | Golden Palace |

Every year, millions and millions of people across the world become glued to their television sets as they follow the misadventures of the participants of reality show Big Brother. Such easily accessible entertainment deserves a casino version, thought provider Gaming1. That’s right: you can now enjoy Big Brother as a strategy dice game form. Are you ready to discover all about it?

Big Brother Dice
  • Theme: Big Brother
  • 4 cases with 5 winning lines in each
  • x1.5 and x2 multipliers
  • Bet range: €0.25 – €25
  • 200 points for 9 alike
  • Mystery games to win

In Big Brother Dice, you can expect the unexpected! The famous (or rather infamous, depending on how you look at it) reality show has become such a staple of modern pop culture, that it only makes sense for it to cross over from the tv screen to your mobile or computer screen. Decide the action in Big Brother Dice for yourself and choose the right housemate for the biggest prize. Are you ready?

Find the winner

Big Brother Dice allows you to employ your own strategy as you arrange the dice columns across the 4 cases. If you manage to get a winning line of 3 bonus symbols, you’ll be asked to nominate one of four Big Brother housemates. You get the prize associated with your pick. This prize could include a number of mystery games, which in turn could be worth up to 100 times your stake each.