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If you’re looking for sports bets these days, then outright betting is a great solution for you! In outright betting, you can place a bet on the eventual winner of a cup or competition. As many great leagues still have their seasonal cup finals in the future, you can still make some money with smart choices well ahead of these events. We’ll explain how it works and give you some directions for smarter bets here.

Outright betting

It’s obvious that every sports cup or competition is, by definition, meant to have a winner. It follows that betting on the eventual outcome of such sports events is always an option. In outright betting, teams are listed by likeliness of winning their respective cups or competitions. The more likely it is for a team to become cup winner or competition champion, the lower the odds will be. Be sure to check the match days when betting on outrights, as you’ll often need patience to see a result.

German Cup (football)

The German Cup, locally called the DFB-Pokal, is the coveted prize for the cup tournament. Teams from all divisions may enter, resulting in amateur clubs sometimes slaying giants in the process. Generally speaking, though, the team to lift the cup in the end is usually a well-known first-division Bundesliga side. Currently, there are 4 teams still in the running: record cup holder Bayern Munich (@1.30), Bayer Leverkusen (@4.10), Eintracht Frankfurt (@8.60), and underdog Saarbrücken (@45).

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Davis Cup (tennis)

Played every year, the Davis Cup is the most prestigious international tennis tournament. Countries pit their best male tennis players against each other in a bid for world domination. Currently, the Cup resides in Spain, after the Spanish delegation beat Canada in the final last year. For Spain, it was the 6th title. Spain is once more the favourite to win eventually @3.30. The other 3 considered most likely to thwart Spain’s efforts are Serbia (@5.60), Russia (@7.40) and France (@8.20).

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NBA (basketball)

It’s still unclear who will win this year’s title in the world’s most important basketball league, the NBA. Last year, the Toronto Raptors managed a slight upset by taking the title for the first time, beating strong contenders such as the Golden State Warriors. This time around, it’s all to play for. Odds-wise, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers are tied @3.35, with the Los Angeles Clippers following at a short distance @4.10. The Houston Rockets are a less likely follower @17.00.

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Trust in to always offer you the best sports betting solutions you can find! Of course, if the event you bet on is postponed or cancelled without knowledge of a new matchday, you will automatically have your stake refunded. Be sure to check back to our sportsbook page regularly for the latest info on your favourite sports events. There are always options to suit your betting needs!

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