Focus on virtual horse race betting

23 July 2022

Virtual sports betting is in a league of its own: there’s action across several sports disciplines around the clock, every day. One of the most fascinating sports you’ll find in our generous virtual sports betting offer, is virtual horse race betting. Thanks to modern animations, the action is crystal clear and therefore sure to keep you watching! Are you ready to give it a try now?

Horse race betting

Virtual horse race betting is hardly any different from betting on actual live horse races. The only difference is that the result is randomly generated each time. The odd, therefore, functions the exact same way also: low odds might indicate a favourite for the victory, but this is by no means a sure thing! As in any race, the most straightforward betting market is the “win”. In horse race betting, this includes outright bets on the winner of the race, or bets on any participant to “place” in the top 3.


Forecast and tricast

More specialized bettors go for forecast or tricast betting. In forecast betting, you have to choose the horses that finish first and second. A tricast bet works pretty much the same, but here you have to find the horses that will finish first, second and third.


Black Lotus in a nutshell

In virtual betting, the skill lies more in understanding the betting concepts themselves instead of the skills of the participants. After all, it’s a virtual environment. We’ve only scratched the surface: there’s so much more to this fascinating corner of our casino entertainment universe at! Whether you’re into racing (we have horse racing, dog racing and motor racing), football, tennis, even baseball: there’s an option for you at, 24/7. Go virtual, win for real!

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