Football: Anderlecht supporters pay 30 euros... To see nothing

16 March 2023

On Thursday, Anderlecht played on location at the Villarreal stadium, in the Spanish province of Catalonia. As usual, some fans of the 'Mauves' made the same trip as the players to be able to see their idols in action. For some of them, however, it turned out to be a lousy trip.


© DPPI-57592989 /Orange Pictures/Photo News

Anderlecht took on Villarreal in the Conference League. After a 1-1 at home in Brussels, it was time to finish the second match of the eighth finals in sunny Spain. Although RSC walked away with the win (0-1), not all Anderlecht fans were delighted. Some of them saw virtually nothing of the match because their view of an entire half of the game was obstructed by a support beam, MSN reported.

"I paid 30 euros to see nothing"


The angry supporters were seated in the ridge of the stadium. Admittedly the cheapest seats, for which they had paid 30 euros each, but still. "No wonder they let the police sit there. You can't possibly follow the match," one disgruntled supporter said on social media.

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