Football in the spotlight: Belarus - Belgium and Club Bruges - KV Ostend


The international break ends with a final matchday in the battles for the coveted tickets to the 2022 world football championship. Here, our national squad meets Belarus. In our national football competition, title defender takes on KV Ostend in a West-Flemish derby. Don’t miss out, bet now!

Belarus – Belgium (World Cup qualifier)

Gone are the days where fans of the Belgian national team had to use the words “mathematically possible” to describe Belgium’s chances of participating on the world stage. These days, it’s mathematically impossible to not participate! The Belgians have made enormous strides in recent years, but they’ve not won the trophies to match their progress… On to the 2022 World Cup, then!

The next opponent en route to Qatar is the rather low-ranked Belarus. Due to the political situation in Belarus, the game is played on neutral terrain. Not that it will make any difference for Belgium’s plans to push for another broad victory. Belgium has not lost any of its games so far, so it will meet the Belarussian squad with unbridled confidence. 0-4, more, or less: can you predict the outcome?

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Club Bruges – KV Ostend (Jupiler Pro League)

Club Bruges went into the international break on the back of a painful defeat at the hands of rival KAA Gent: 6-1 was the heavy verdict for Philippe Clement’s men. The title defender should have every intention of lashing back with a vengeance against anyone who dares step in its way. On this next matchday’s opening game on Friday evening, the black and blues host KV Ostend.

Club Bruges is currently in 3rd place, while KV Ostend is 8th. Don’t let the ranking mislead you, though: it’s still early in the season, so a look at the points is more sobering. Club Bruges has 11, whereas KV Ostend has 9: in case the visitors are victorious, they’ll be straight ahead of their regional nemesis. It would be a veritable stunt, but nothing’s out of the question in football until the whistle blows…

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