Football: Man interrupts match by driving scooter onto field

21 March 2023

In the Netherlands, an amateur match had to be interrupted because an angry man drove onto the field on a scooter.

Scooter football

Screenshot ClaudiaWR85 / Twitter via Sudinfo

It's not every day that someone drives a scooter onto a soccer field in the middle of a game to get angry at the players. It happened in the Netherlands this Sunday. The man in question is a neighbor of the soccer field of Veenhuizen, a hamlet in the municipality of Coevorden, in the north of the country. The reason? The noise of the fireworks of the supporters scared his horses.

Home team stunned?

This unprecedented situation took place during the meeting of two amateur clubs: Veenhuizen and Vitesse ‘63, a club from Koekange. After a discussion with the referee, the neighbour apologized to the players and supporters. As for the sportive news: the visitors from Koekange won 1-4, while it was still 0-0 when the neighbor appeared on his scooter…

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