Football: Nagelsmann out before crucial Bayern games

24 March 2023

Shocking news from the German Bundesliga: Bayern Munich has reportedly replaced Julian Nagelsmann with Thomas Tuchel as head coach of the Rekordmeister. Source of the news is none other than Italian football reporter Fabrizio Romano, famous for his reliable info in such matters.

Julian Nagelsmann Bayern Munich

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Nagelsmann out, Tuchel in?

A contract that lasted till 2026. Subject of the most expensive managerial transfer fee ever at €25 million in 2021. Led Bayern Munich to another title in 2022, with 3 games to spare. Julian Nagelsmann is without a doubt a wildly talented football coach, which is all the more accentuated by his young age: he’s still just 35. Despite all this acclaim, it’s looking like he’s now been sacked.

The fact that Nagelsmann’s named replacement, Thomas Tuchel (previously of Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, and PSG), is already tipped to assure a smooth transition, could be indicative of a larger plan to oust Nagelsmann. Just a week ago, the young coach was publicly fuming over the news that a mole leaked his strategies. Could this be the reason for his untimely sacking at Bayern Munich?

Odd timing

The timing of this bombshell in German and European football, is curious, to say the least. Yes, Bayern Munich is currently in second place with 52 points, whereas leader Borussia Dortmund has 53. There’s still plenty of room for the Rekordmeister to win yet another title. In the Champions League, too, Nagelsmann showed great results, guiding his team past rivals such as Barça and PSG.

It seems like whoever decides these things at Bayern Munich waited to do so for this weekend’s international break. This would give the new coach (presumably Tuchel) a week to prepare for the crucial game against Borussia Dortmund – a game that may very well decide the Bundesliga title this year. Then there are the Champions League games against Manchester City on April 11 and 19.

That all said: it’s curious to note that, as of writing, there is no official word from Bayern Munich itself.

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