Formula 1: Styrian Grand Prix (July 12, Red Bull Ring, Austria)


It’s time for Formula 1 again! The best drivers in the world face off to prove who’s the fastest in the best-built car. There are still 9 events on the calendar, but as this season is shorter than usual due to the ongoing health crisis, it’s as every race counts double! Can you make some money with smart bets on the Formula 1 races this season? Put yourself in pole position with some insights in this article!

The circuit

Sunday, the second Formula 1 race of the season is run in Austria. It will also be the second race this season on Austria’s Red Bull Ring, following last week’s inaugural race there. To distinguish it from last week’s race (the “true” Grand Prix of Austria), this weekend race will be called the “Grosser Preis Der Steiermark 2020”, or Styrian GP, after the Austrian state of Styria.

At 4.318 km, the Red Bull Ring is a relatively short circuit, but it should come as no surprise that smaller circuits have tighter races. The drivers will start with a sequence of three uphill straights entered through right-hand corners. After that, the track goes back downhill through a series of quick bends. Kimi Räikkönen holds the record for fastest lap here: just under 1.07 minutes back in 2018.

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The drivers

Not Lewis Hamilton, but his Mercedes partner Valtteri Bottas managed to win the first 2020 GP. Despite their collegiality, this could make Hamilton nervous, as the Brit is out to beat some records this season. Just as surprising last time around were the second and third placed finishers, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris. The young Brit even managed to sneak the third place from Hamilton.

For this upcoming GP, all eyes will once more be on Hamilton. He finished fourth, but is fully expected to come back with a vengeance in this upcoming race. Max Verstappen, another fan favourite, had to pull out of the race due to reliability woes last weekend and he will want to make up for lost time. Finally, there the living legend Räikkönen himself. Can he beat his own record lap time?

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The teams

Mercedes hit the ground running. Thanks to Bottas’s victory and Hamilton’s fourth place, the constructor is currently leading the rankings with 37 points. McLaren can thank its second place in the constructor rankings (at 26 points) to Norris’s third place coupled with Carlos Sainz’s fifth place last week. Ferrari, meanwhile, is third with 19 points after Leclerc finished in second placed.

Despite high promises, Red Bull is nowhere to be seen yet. With only 9 races remaining, Verstappen and his teammate Alexander Albon must put the streak of bad luck that the Austrian GP brought behind them and do what it takes to get on the board this time. Currently without points at all, Red Bull will be considered an outsider. Past seasons have proven it to be a feisty contender, though…

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