Friday the 13th is a lucky day


It is obvious, Friday the 13th is a lucky day!

In your Golden Palace Casino’s, we are quite sure! And for good reason, you will receive 1000 GPC (with a value of €10) thanks to our loyalty system when you visit your favourite gaming hall. Boost your luck through these GPC and try to win a Jackpot while enjoying a beautiful place. 

Join us at your Golden Palace Casino on Friday, October 13.

Participating gaming halls: Arlon, Athus, Dinant, Hornu, Jambes, Jemeppe, Messancy, Pecq, Péruwelz, Cameo Péruwelz, Quévy, Cameo Quévy, Quiévrain, Saint-Josse, Tubize, Waarschoot, Waterloo.

Some of your gaming hall will also offer a bite on this day.

See you at the following gaming halls:

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