Gaming hall jackpot win!

2 January 2020

It’s not just players in our online casino that are the lucky ones. Golden Palace Casinos too have their big winners. Over the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s Day, a lucky player won the jackpot on one of our Spintec machines, winning him a €3,714.19 jackpot in Golden Palace Mechelen!

Golden Palace Mechelen (formerly Golden Games) is situated between Brussels and Antwerp and effectively connects the well-known gaming halls we have in both major cities. They each have their own charm, so it’s not hard to see why our gaming halls are so popular, no matter where across the country!

Of course, the popularity of our gaming halls is more readily explained by our remarkable gaming offer, consisting of the latest and greatest roulette tables, slot machines, and even more innovative novelties! The biggest draw for casino fans must be the generous nature of our offer.

Golden Palace Mechelen

Golden Palace Mechelen

Rode Kruisplein

Just ask our lucky winner of last weekend! This player frequently visits our gaming hall in Mechelen with friends, and this time around, their visit paid off big times, as our player had the luck of winning the jackpot on one of our Spintec roulettes. The amount? €3,714.19. How’s that for a little extra for Christmas? uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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