Go all-out on our next Golden December challenges!


It’s almost closing time for Golden December, but in these final days, we offer you some chances to go out with a bang! There are still hundreds of point to make the following days – enough to jump quite a few spots in the ranking if you play your cards right. The next days are for everyone, with casino gaming fun and sports betting excitement galore. Prepare yourself to go all-out!

Today, you can enjoy a run for your points on all of our casino games. Any game in this category will earn you points. All you have to do is play as you would do on any other day. Just pick your favourite games and play, it’s that easy! Tomorrow, too, your chance to earn points is as broad as you can imagine. Almost all sports bet you place and win tomorrow could be worth points.

Casino gaming

Today is your day if you’re into casino games, but haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a run for points on your favourite game yet. Or maybe you’ve picked up some new favourites in our skill game or bingo game offer along the way this month? Whatever the case may be, this challenge is simple yet elegant. Just play any game in our wildly diverse gaming offer. For every €1 you play, you will receive 1 Golden December point. That’s all, that’s it! You can make up to 500 Golden December points this way.

Sports betting

Our sports betting fans, too, have been spoiled this Golden December, with challenging ways to gain the most points. The end of the year is still rife with sports betting opportunities, and this Wednesday is no different. That’s why we’ve devised the following challenge: bet at least €5 on any sports event with odds of @1.70 or more, and if your bet is registered as winning by the end of Wednesday, then you win points! A winning €5 bet is worth 50 points, and you can make up to 500 Golden December points here.

One more day left after these!

We’re almost there, and things are heating up in our leaderboard! Are you still vying for a better place in the ranking, but just missing a few points? Then these last challenges can make all the difference. Beyond today and tomorrow, we have our final day, where we once more visit our tournament game of the day. Discover all about the game and the challenge ahead on our Golden December page, and don’t forget to take your time to read the terms and conditions. Can you make it to your best ranking spot?

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