Golden December: gaming hall photo contest

22 December 2020

Our Golden Palace gaming halls may still be closed for the moment, but we haven’t forgotten you! We miss your visits as much as you miss your casino experience. Luckily, we have found a way to make sure that you, as part of our loyal casino clientele, can still relive fond memories of your time at Golden Palace Casinos.

This part of our Golden December contests revolves around our gaming halls. We will present you with photos, and it’s up to you to tell us which gaming hall is pictured on these photos. As a loyal player at Golden Palace Casinos, you should have no trouble finding out which gaming hall is shown! Of course, you can earn your points towards the leaderboard here, too.

Our gaming halls

Golden Palace has over 30 gaming halls all across Belgium. Unfortunately, they are closed until we can guarantee your safety, so for now we will have to miss your visits… To make the wait until reopening a little more bearable, we will be paying a virtual visit to some of our gaming halls in today’s Golden December challenge. On our Golden Palace Casino Games Facebook page, you will find 10 photos of your favourite gaming halls. Can you tell us which gaming hall is pictured? Then you win points!

Earn up to 500 points!

Even if you’re new to the world of Golden Palace, you can win your points for the leaderboard here. You can pay us a virtual visit through our gaming hall page. Here, you should be able to find all 10 photos from our Facebook page. Make sure that you identify all 10 of our pictured Golden Palace Casinos, as each correctly identified photo is worth 50 points. That’s 500 points if you can spot them all! Send us your answers to or by private Facebook message. Join the gaming hall fun!

Keep earning your points

Maybe you’ve already secured yourself a nice spot on our leaderboard, or maybe you’re just joining us. With 500 Golden December points to earn with little effort, this part of our contest could send you into the winning top 100 players. There’s a €25,000 prize pool to win from, so don’t wait any longer to register and participate! We advise you to also take time to consider the terms and conditions of each of our daily challenges: here, you’ll find valuable information on how to correctly participate. Good luck!

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