Golden December Sports: Boxing Day football

26 December 2021

The day after Christmas has come to be known as Boxing Day, and with it, it has become tradition for certain football leagues to organise competition games on this day. Thanks to Golden December Sports, you can use this occasion to win points for your leader board position.

Golden December Sports

Less than a week remaining in 2021, but our Golden December is far from over! By now, you have noticed that the points you can earn per mission keep increasing as Golden December progresses. That’s no coincidence! The stakes are getting higher, and the competition is getting fierce. Can you get to the cash-winning place in the leader board? Your part of €15,000 is waiting for you! To find out how to get your hands on up to 500 points, go visit the Golden December Sports page. Bet now, win more!

Boxing Day football

No holiday rest for the players in the English Premier League and Belgian Pro League! Right after their family dinners, the teams take to their pitches for another matchday. In England, they’re exactly halfway at matchday 19, with Manchester City – Leicester City a tantalising game. In the JPL, we can look forward to KV Kortrijk – Antwerp: a duel between Golden Palace-sponsored teams. Check out this challenge of the day in our Golden December Sports tournament page: can you get the full 500 points? uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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