Golden December Sports: more and more points each day now!

20 December 2021

There are only about 10 days left in our huge Golden December promotion. You are no doubt already on your way to your part of the €15,000 Golden December prize pool that we have reserved for you as a sports bettor. There’s still plenty of chance to improve your ranking in the next missions, of course!

Golden December Sports

You’re participating in the sports betting segment of this year’s Golden December, where there’s €15,000 to be divided among the best-ranked players after the month of December. Of course, you check your position several times per day to make sure that you’re still on track for your prize, or even to overtake a competitor! The points keep increasing now, and there are still plenty of days left… Visit the Golden December Sports tournament page for details on your current and upcoming missions!

Sports missions 20 and 21: bet on all sports today and on darts tomorrow

Your mission for December 20 is one big free-for-all: any bet on any event in any sport has the potential to earn you points! There are only 3 rules: make sure that your bet is at least €5, has @2.00 or more, and is winning – that’s all. You’ll find more info on the mission page. Tomorrow’s mission 21 takes us to the world of darts, where we ask you to place single €10 bets on the world championship events of that day. Winning betslips get 80 points, and there are 400 points in total to make. Bet on darts now! uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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