Golden December: the winners


With the start of the new year 2021, our end-of-year contest Golden December is over! Throughout the month of December, you played for Golden December points by competing against others in daily challenges. Today, we can look back on our daily challenges in which you participated for a favourable spot in our ranking.

Several hundreds of players participated in our biggest contest of 2021. The best 100 players will soon receive their prizes. Let’s go over the prizes once more, and see who won which prizes. If you couldn’t make it to the top 100, don’t worry: there’s a lot more in store for you in 2021, so keep your eyes on our announcements for more to come!

The contest prizes

Our Golden December had the biggest prize pool of any of our contests in 2021. The list of prizes totalled no less than €25,000, spread across 100 prizes! As the main prizes, we’d included some of the world’s most coveted high-tech gadgets. These must-haves for 2021 include a Samsung QLED 8K television set, an Apple Macbook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro, and several Sony Playstation 5’s and Microsoft Xbox Series X’s. Other amazing prizes were an inflatable jacuzzi and an electric scooter. Beyond those, we put a multitude of gift vouchers for online stores and Spotify Premium vouchers.

The contest winners

Several hundreds of players joined the race for the Golden December points, and now that the contest is finished, we can announce the winners. Of course, only 1 player could win the main prize for reaching the number one spot by the end of December 31, 2020. This honour, and the Samsung QLED 8K television set that comes along with it, goes to our player Domiboy, who managed to gather a total of 7666 Golden December points. What a great display of online gaming you’ve shown us here, Domiboy!

Coming in close behind Domiboy, we find ralf009, whose 7494 points earned him a brand-new Apple Macbook Pro. The third spot and its corresponding Microsoft Surface Pro went to blowyaspeakrz, finishing with 7300 points. With the top 10 well within 1000 points of each other, the race for the biggest prizes was a highly entertaining one to follow. Everyone who participated fully saw their efforts rewarded with a nice prize. Congratulations to all winning participants, enjoy your first prizes in 2021!

Keep winning into 2021!

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