Golden December: week 3


Our Golden December is heading into its third week! There are still plenty of fascinating challenges ahead, with hundreds of points to win. If you’re still aiming for your chosen spot on our leaderboard, this week could already be decisive. Are you ready to go to the limit and gather the most Golden December points possible this week?

As was the case over these past weeks, we will touch upon our entire range of casino services. Sports fans can rack up their Golden December points in an all-out accumulator betting challenge and our virtuals sports. Our casino gaming enthousiast can look forward to another exclusive game this week, while preparing to excel once more on our tournament game on Sunday. Discover it all here!

Day 17: Monday, December 21

Today, it’s all about sports betting. Let’s see if you like to take some risk to get the maximum points! The challenge here is simple yet tricky: make any multi bet in which the selections are at least @1.10. Whoever wins the multi bet with the most selections, wins 250 Golden December points!

Day 18: Tuesday, December 22

Our gaming halls may be closed, but we strongly believe that they will reopen soon enough! To make sure that you haven’t forgotten about your favourite gaming halls in Belgium, we’re organising another photo contest. Tell us the names of the gaming halls in the photos on Facebook to win up to 500 points.

Day 19: Wednesday, December 23

After stopping at our real sports betting offer on Monday, we reserve this Wednesday for our virtual sports. This fascinating alternative to sports betting offers the same thrill in a computer-generated environment. For every €10 you play here on this day, you will receive 50 points, for up to 500 points.

Day 20: Thursday, December 24

It’s Christmas eve today, so Santa is out delivering packages. It seems that he got lost on our site, unfortunately… Can you stop all 10 hidden Santas? Send us the links where you found them, and if you get them all right, you’ll get 500 points. Don’t miss any, there are 50 points for every Santa!

Day 21: Friday, December 25

On Christmas Day, our Golden Palace PrimeTime team is ready to entertain you! Play our dedicated version of the live roulette show PrimeTime, and try to pass as many rounds as possible. Each round you pass is worth points: your best run is worth 50 Golden December points per round.

Day 22: Saturday, December 26

Let’s celebrate Boxing Day like they do in England! The English Premier League has some juicy odds today, and that’s where you’ll make your points. Just bet at least €10 on any Over/Under option on any of today’s EPL games, and you’ll earn 100 points for each bet you win – up to 500 points max.

Day 23: Sunday, December 27

Today, we visit the futuristic city of Nitropolis! Play our tournament game of the day – Nitropolis, by ELK Studios – and try to get as much tournament points as you can. We will reward the top 50 places with points. Make sure you get the best score: the first place is worth no less than 500 points here!

On to the last week now!

2020 is almost over, and so is Golden December… But don’t worry, the last remaining days will be filled with Golden December points! Keep your eyes peeled for the update on the last 5 days of our incredibly generous contest. We’ve got some surprises in store for you, so don’t miss out now!

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