Golden Easter review

3 May 2021

The month of April is over, so that means that our Golden Easter contest has also come to an end… We hope that you enjoyed the ride and that you’ve managed to gather a lot of Golden Points for your most cherished VIP Shop gift!

Today, we will look back across the past month to remember the most noteworthy parts of Golden Easter. What was your favourite mission? Who knows, maybe it will return in a future contest… Stay tuned for more upcoming fun at!

4 weeks, 20 missions, and thousands of Golden Points

This year, Golden Easter consisted of 4 weeks, with 5 challenging missions every week. These missions touched ever segment of our offer: casino games, dice games, live casino, sports betting… Every type of player could make a lot of Golden Points. Golden Points prizes per mission increased week after week.

Did you complete all missions of every week? That’s how you could reach the biggest prize in Golden Points. Finishing all 5 seconds of a week multiplied the Golden Points you made, and finishing all 5 missions in consecutive weeks earned you thousands of additional points. Your loyalty was worth it!

Golden Drops

In this Golden Easter, we challenged you to look to every part of our offer. You might’ve discovered some of your new favourite games in our Gaming1 dice game mission, or maybe you’ve become a fan of our live casino through our very own Roulette Live. Or did NBA betting do the trick for you?

Whatever your favourite mission might’ve been, there was always a chance that, simply by participating in the missions, you were rewarded with a Golden Drop. These jackpot-like prizes were randomly assigned to all participating players. These were worth several thousands of Golden Points all at once!

To our VIP Shop – and beyond

Maybe you knew from the start what VIP Shop gift to aim for with all those thousands of Golden Points you’ve won, or maybe you’ve found the time to relax and discover our VIP Shop over the weekend. Whatever the case, you’re now entitled to shop in your online Golden Palace boutique: our VIP Shop!

From home entertainment to shopping fun, there’s always a prize for you in our VIP Shop. Golden Easter may be over, but you’re still earning Golden Points simply by playing, thanks to our loyalty system! Stay tuned for more contests, as we will surely return with more lucrative ways to earn more Golden Points! uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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