Golden Easter week 2: dice game missions

15 April 2021

Week 2 of our Golden Easter action is already 3 days old: only 4 days remain to complete all of your weekly missions. How far along in your quest are you at this point? Even if you still have to start all missions, there’s plenty of time to go for the full set of Golden Points.

As you might have noticed on the Golden Easter page, this week is all about dice games. We’ve mentioned the dice games by brand new provider Gaming1 in yesterday’s article. Today, we’ll talk about the other missions of this Golden Easter week 2. Get ready to make some Golden Points!

New dice games and top hits

At, you will find the latest and greatest dice games! Head on over to the dice game page, and check out the games in the “new” and “top hits” categories here. See anything you like? Choose any 5 games that you can find in these categories, spend at least €20 on each of your 5 games, and you’ll automatically receive 200 Golden Points. Pick your game, play for points: easy, right?

Jackpot dice games

Many of our dice games have jackpots in any variety that you can imagine. Some have fixed jackpots that contain the same huge sum regardless of your stake. Other have progressive jackpots that increase along with your stake. That’s the ticket to hundreds of times your stake back, if you’re lucky enough! Discover our jackpot dice games now: wagering €20 or more on 5 of them is worth 200 Golden Points!

More missions ahead!

Remember: if you complete all 5 missions in a given week, we will double your Golden Points earned per mission. If you can finish all past weeks with all missions completed, then there’s another surprise waiting for you! If you’ve completed the 10 missions from week 1 and week 2, then we will give you an additional 1,000 Golden Points. Thousands of Golden Points are waiting for you: go and collect yours!