Golden Palace gaming hall contests

5 October 2020

Your favourite gaming halls once more bring you generous surprises! From today, October 5 to October 18, you can participate in a contest with wonderful prizes to win. To participate, you can simply visit the gaming halls of your choice. Read on to learn all about this exciting contest and how to win prizes!

As a frequent visitor to your favourite Golden Palace Casinos, you already know of the many ways that we try to interact with you. Maybe you’ve participated in our raffles, maybe you’ve enjoyed one of our themed evenings in the past. Today, we will be launching a whole new contest for you to enjoy.

The concept is simple: just visit the Golden Palace gaming halls of your choice from today, October 5 to Sunday, October 18, and fill in the question form that our helpful staff will kindly offer you. In this form, you will be presented with two questions: a multiple-choice question followed by a tie breaker question.

You will have one chance to fill in our contest form per day and per Golden Palace gaming hall that you visit. Every Golden Palace gaming hall will gather your valild participations at the end of the contest, and if you answered correctly to the first question and came closest to correct on the second, you will be crowned winner!

There are wonderful prizes to win on this no-stake contest. If you finish in first place, you will leave your Golden Palace gaming hall with a voucher for €150 to spend at online store The second place will earn you €100 in vouchers, while the third place grants you €50 in vouchers. Go for it now! uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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