Golden Player: Babayaga wins €255,000


If you’ve been visiting for your casino entertainment, then you have seen your fair share of big wins. If these weren’t your own, then you’ve certainly seen the exciting exploits by some of luckiest players! What our player Babayaga did, though, took us by surprise… Read on for the details!

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Golden Player Babayaga wins €255,000!

Our luckiest player on our live casino games and Megaways games in a long time is Babayaga. This player won a mind-blowing amount, with €255,000 in combined winnings over the past days. And to think that it all started with a relatively modest deposit of €200, just to have some casino entertainment one day… That’s an exploit worthy of being named our Golden Player! What about you: do you fancy such exciting wins at Babayaga may have been the first to get that far that quick, but he surely won’t be the last… Maybe you’re next? Only one way to find out: go for it yourself – good luck!

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