Golden Summer: still thousands to win!

3 August 2022

At, we know how to throw a summer party. In our Golden Summer promotion, you can enjoy the popular Take the Prize concept on a range of Betsoft games. Golden Summer is just past halfway, and you still have a chance at thousands of euros. Remember: we started out with a prize pool of €20,000, with 1,182 prizes to win in total. Keep going for your Golden Summer!

1,182 prizes, €20,000 cash to win

Our Golden Summer promotion started on July 1, when we announced a prize pool of €20,000 divided across 1,182 prizes. Among these prizes are tickets to sports events by our sponsored teams KV Mechelen, Spirou Charleroi, and Antwerp Giants. You can still win your duo tickets for your favourite event: just play the Betsoft games and wait for a random drop to fall in your lap!

That’s far from all, of course. We still have hundreds of cash prizes waiting for you. There are plenty of random drops of €10, €20, €50, or even €100 left! Who knows, maybe the next spin you could be the one winning such a random drop on top of your regular winnings? All that is within reach, simply by playing any Betsoft game in the category “Take the Prize”. This promo runs until August 31!

Betsoft Games

Betsoft is one of our most trusted providers, offering us some of the greatest games that you’ll find at We’re sure that you a favourite game by Betsoft – even before Golden Summer started! The Betsoft games come in a wide range of themes, so you know there’s always one for you.

For those of you looking for a real casino experience, Betsoft even has table games. That’s right: Betsoft treats you to popular casino table games with plenty of stylish roulette, blackjack, casino poker and baccarat games. For Betsoft and, no effort is too great to entertain you! uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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