turned that bad luck around with its Friday 13th promotion!


Friday the 13th is notorious among superstitious people, it is said to bring back luck… But we’ve noticed that this is not necessarily the case for our players at For many, it’s a very lucky day, and we thought we’d enhance this luck even further with a generous promotion!

Everyone who made our recent winners list last Friday the 13th received a ticket for a special raffle of €1,300. Over 100 players managed to cheat the supposed bad luck and saw their names appear on the list. From these players, there could only be one extra lucky winner of the big prize, and this time around, that honour goes to gustavine. Congratulations!

If you didn’t make the list, don’t worry, we thought of everyone. Players who were registered for our promotion and managed to collect at least 13 Golden Palace Points (GPP) over the weekend, got 13 free spins of €0.25 on Creepy Cash. If you achieved 130 GPP or more, we even gave away 13 €2 spins on Ghosts and Graves! Hundreds of participating players got a nice treat this way.

Of course, this Friday the 13th promotion isn’t the only promotion we’ve thought of to start the year. Next week, we celebrate the Chinese New Year, another day that is heavily associated with fortune. Keep your eyes open for the next announcement, it should be right around the corner!

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