Hot slot weekend in the dice game world


Last weekend proved to be a real hot one for the fans of our online dice slot games. In just one session each, two players made thousands of euros. Added together, their winnings came close to €40,000. What’s even more astounding is that these 2 players won their big bucks on the same, simple game: Always Hot Cubes by provider Greentube. Coincidence? We think not!

Always Hot Cubes

With its simple yet elegant and no-nonsense approach, Always Hot Cubes will attract many players that spent some time in real casinos. Yes, this game mirrors itself to the dice slot machines found in our gaming halls and, indeed, casinos all around the world. Three reels of three dice symbols, five winning lines, and a gamble function: that’s all you need to get a chance at a big payout.

Hot wins

That’s how our player Steventje007 made a whopping win of over 20K this weekend. In just a single but no doubt thrilling session on Saturday, he ended up winning €20,525. That, however, was not it at all for Always Hot Cubes. Greentube’s dice slot game turned out to be very lucrative once more the following day, when Marko21 managed a net session win of no less than €18,275.

Who's next?

Such inspiring wins on such a simple game: could it all be your luck too? You can always give it a go for free, thanks to our registration bonus of €5. All you need to do is register if you haven’t already, and follow the instructions for claiming your bonus. Then, when you’re ready to deposit, we’ll give you another generous first deposit bonus of up to €250 thanks to bonus code GP250. Go for it!

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Always Hot Cubes

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