How to earn and use your Golden Points


Ever since we’ve installed our loyalty system, has become all about the hunt for Golden Points for the smartest of our players. Simply playing at Golden Palace is rewarding this way!

How do you earn these Golden Points? What can you use them for? This month, we’re doing our Golden Easter contest, which is all about Golden Points: it’s the perfect occasion to delve deeper.

Loyalty system

Thanks to our Loyalty System, simply playing our selection of A+ and B+ games is rewarding. Every paid spin you play counts towards your Golden Points total. The more you play on our A+ games selection, the quicker you will earn Golden Points, as you can earn multipliers by moving up through 9 levels.

To be able to earn your Golden Points in our Loyalty System, you need to have the A+ license enabled, although during contest like Golden Easter, you can also make Golden Points by competing in specific missions. Even so, you can’t access your own loyalty page without having the A+ license active.

Golden Points in your loyalty space

So that’s how you can earn your Golden Points: just play our splendid selection of games and check for extra chances in our challenging contests! At any point, you can check how much Golden Points you have by looking in the upper right corner of every screen on

Alternatively, you can go to your personal loyalty space for more details. Here, you’ll see your current balance, the number of Golden Points you have at the moment, your loyalty level and a bar that indicates how far along you are to your next level. Finally, there’s a link to the VIP Shop.

Everyone can be a VIP at Golden Palace!

The VIP Shop may be your favourite page at Golden Palace! On this page, you can see all the wonderful gifts that you can buy with your Golden Points. The more Golden Points you have, the more wonderful the gifts get. You already have a gift from 1,300 Golden Points, and they go all the way to 30,000.

For a quickly-earned couple of thousand Golden Points, you can already get YouScribe e-book vouchers or credit for mobile network operator Base. From there, the options are nearly limitless: vouchers, Netflix subscriptions, Adiddas store credit, PlayStation and X Box credit… All for your loyalty!

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