Incredible multi bet win: €21,291.35 on a €100.58 multi bet!


We regularly have commendable and enviable winners in our online sports betting segment: players who made clever use of their sports knowledge to scope out the right odds in the right combination, making a few thousand euros in this manner. The win we’ve seen in the weekend of November 23 and November 24 gave our other lucky players a great big run for their money. Read all about the stunt juventus2030 pulled off here!

Deciding a win for either team or a draw in football based on the simple odds takes no rocket scientist. All you have to keep in mind is that the smaller the odds for the favourite get, the less value you’ll find there. In such a case, it’s better to opt for bets like ‘Totals Over/Under’, which goes beyond the winning team and just asks you how many goals in total a given football match will see.

Our sports betting fan Juventus2030 used both of these betting option to his maximum advantage. He strung together many odds on ‘1X2’ and ‘Totals Over/Under’ that posed relatively low but reasonably certain winnings in a massive 23-fold multi bet. Included in this bet were games in the major European football leagues, as well as some more obscure competitions like those of China and Australia.

Imagine the expression on his face when all his 23 selections came out winning: this incredible luck instantly turned his €100 bet into a €21,291.35 payday. That’s over 210 times the amount he staked on this massive multi bet! Considering our exclusive accumulator bonus of 1% for every selection that he added to his multi bet, he received 20% extra, which accounts for some €3,600 of his record win.

Of course, our seasoned bettors already know why they bet at We’re the only Belgian online sports betting provider that gives players automatic accumulator bonuses for stringing multi bets together. This month, we’ll make it even better thanks to Golden Christmas: from December 2 until December 29, all accumulator bonuses for multi bets that combine at least 4 selections will be doubled.

That’s not all: on certain promotion days, we’ll even triple the accumulator bonus! In short, that means that a bet of 5 selections will give you 10% extra throughout December, while for example on Friday 13th of December, you’ll even get 15% extra. If you take maximum advantage of this, you could take up to 60% extra thanks to these boosted accumulator bonuses! What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to place your bets!

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