Infinity Dice is back with some huge wins!


Infinity Dice has been one of our most popular strategic dice games from the start, when our online casino game offer was still modest yet competitive. As our online casino game offer expanded greatly over the past years, things slowed down for our biggest strategic dice game… Or so it seems, as plenty of players had modes 4-digit wins on it. Find out all the details about the 5 digit wins of our players when Infinity Dice re-emerged with a vengeance!

Veterans already know the game well enough, of course, as it’s been a solid fan favourite for many years, thanks to a no-nonsense approach and visuals that still dazzle as if it was a live game in a a physical casino. Players who make it to the bonus round are treated to a few spins at the Infinity Wheel, where you can win big cash prizes that will multiply your stake – guaranteed. Of course, the real draw here are mystery games.

Mystery games are played just like regular games at the stake in which you won them, but the huge advantage that they offer is that any win of at least 100 points is treated – and therefore paid out – as a maximum win. Infinity Dice has up to 15 of these mystery games on its prize wheel, so there’s plenty of chances to win that biggest payout of 100 times your stake. That’s right, you could possibly win up to 15 times €25,000 on this strategic dice game, if luck is on your side!

Luck sure was on the side of mamanmonange earlier last month. She won two big sessions with nice 5 digits, leaving the game with €11,100 on November 14, and with a whopping €20,750 on November 19. And just last weekend, we had another incredible 5-digit win. This time around, Sunday December 1 was barry19’s lucky day, as he made a net win in his lucky winning streak of €13,420. Naturally, there were plenty of players with 4-digit wins too in these last few months.

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