Introducing our European Cup promotion


If you’ve participated in our past sports promotion on the Olympics, the US Open and more, than you know that we’re always out to challenge you in ways that can mean big money wins for you. Now we’re back with another sports betting promotion. This time, the focus is on the European Cups (Champions League, Europa League and Conference League). Learn all about this contest now!

The promotion

Our European Cup promotion challenges you to bet on the riskiest odds to get the biggest rewards! Pick your favourite bets with high odds on the games of the upcoming 6 matchdays in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League, and we’ll reward your highest odds with points for the leader board. When you’re in a winning position after December 9, you’ll get a prize!

Discover all about this promo!

Champions League

Arguably the most popular club football competition in the world, this yearly championship puts giants of the game against each other like it’s no big thing. Even the lead-up to the knockout round has everything that a football fan can desire. Take Group A with the sole Belgian participant Club Bruges, for example, where Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, and RB Leipzig are the opponents… Talk about tough!

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Europa League

The second tier of pan-European club football, the Europa League, has an awesome mix of giants from the most famous competitions and lesser-known teams that take the stage by storm. Are you a fan of the usual suspects, or do you side with the underdogs? The Europa League has 2 Belgian teams competing: KRC Genk, and our sponsored team Antwerp. We know where our heart is: COYR!

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Conference League

This one is wholly new this season, and as such, it’s a bit of a wild card. Created to give the best teams of lower-ranked national competitions a chance to shine on the European stage beyond the preliminaries of the Champions League and Europa League, the Conference League will have plenty of surprises up its sleeve! Belgian team KAA Gent is still participating here. How far do you see the Buffalos go?

Bet on the Conference League now!

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