Introducing PrimeTime, our exclusive live roulette game show!


Innovation never stops for Golden Palace. In our latest game on, called PrimeTime, we let you play against other players in an exclusive Golden Palace live roulette game show. There’s plenty of extra to win in our upcoming PrimeTime rounds, so mark your calendar for your chance at winning some extra money!


PrimeTime Live

Live roulette in’s live casino just got a whole lot more exciting! In another development, exclusive to Golden Palace, you can participate against other players in a trivia game show along with your regular bets at the roulette table. Graceful presentation will guide you through this game show. Of course, it’s wouldn’t be a game show if there weren’t wonderful prizes to win!

Thanks to our partnership with Authentic Gaming, you will be able to enjoy this live game show experience across the upcoming weeks and months. On these select dates, you can enter the live game show from 7 p.m. until 7.40 p.m. Participation only costs €0.10 for a round, and within the 40 minutes of this live game show version of roulette, there will be up to 5 rounds.

With €200 extra to win in each round, you have all the reason to get excited! Each round will have a prize pool of €200 extra, to be divided among the top 4 participants. In real trivia game show style, you will answer questions (which colour will the next ball land, will the next number be odd or even, and so on). The players who make it the farthest by getting the right answer, win extra money. It’s that simple!

You will find all relevant participation info as well as a list of our live show dates and times on our dedicated PrimeTime page. Your favourite fall entertainment has arrived: if you needed another reason to register at, here it is! Join us now, place a first deposit, and log in for our PrimeTime live trivia game shows. With prize pools of more than €200 for every round, this is an exclusive opportunity!

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