Jackpots in strategic dice games


Those of you who have had the luck of winning a jackpot know that there’s no better feeling in casino gaming than seeing the screen explode in a flurry of light and sound as you win that huge payout! Our strategic dice game selection offers many classics of the genre, and a lot of these come with their own jackpots in constantly varying sizes. Let’s shine a light on some of these jackpot games by Airdice!


Pure, by Air Dice, has grown to be a fan favourite in its genre. This visually crisp strategic dice game offers not just one but three different jackpots. In Pure, the jackpots are fixed, meaning that they don’t change, regardless of your chosen stake. The Minipot currently contains €1,297.35, while the Jackpot is at €2,879.60. The Grand Jackpot, the game’s main prize, stands at a whopping €16,051.96!

Spirit Sisters

Join the battle against the alien scourge alongside the Spirit Sisters! This exciting, action-packed strategic dice game experience has just one fixed jackpot. However, at the moment, this jackpot holds the biggest prize possible: just one spin could win you €25,000! Will you liberate humanity from the alien invaders and make a fortune in the process? The jackpot is maxed out, so it could fall at any moment!

Red Lotus

One of Air Dice’s latest additions to our strategic dice game offer, Red Lotus stands out because of its number of jackpots. A garden full of jackpots awaits you here, as this game has no less than five of them! Each of these jackpots can be triggered in the bonus game. You can win three of the five jackpots depending on your choice of lotus wheel. This adds an extra dimension of t thrilling gameplay!

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Thanks to our variety of jackpot systems, all jackpots are both attainable and attractive to all players. As we’ve seen in the past, winning €25,000 on a €0.25 spin is far from impossible! Give it a try now: simply register to get started and quickly find the casino dice game of your choice. Work out a strategy and go for the bonus round for a chance at the jackpot. Will you become our next jackpot winner?

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