Joker Gems jackpot win: €30.840 in one session


Joker Gems once again proves to be one of our most popular and rewarding casino games. This time around, our player MIKESTUFF made the most of his time on this wonderfully different casino game, and made it out with a session win of over 30K! With 3 jackpots, it really wasn’t that hard to find out how he made his weekend an unforgettable one…

Joker Gems is not your average slot game with winning lines and spinning reels. No, in the world of Joker Gems, the colourful jewels tumble into place in a grid of 5 by 5. Did you manage to connect at least 3 of these priceless jewels? Congratulations: you win! Of course, the reward is greater for larger clusters, and some jewels are more valuable than others too.

But the real reason why Joker Gems is so popular, is that it has no less than 3 fixed jackpots. You can win these by getting specific clusters. The 3 by 3 cluster in the middle of the reels is worth €10,000, and the string of 14 identical symbols along the outer edge will give you €20,000. The whole game field in one symbol is worth a whopping €50,000!

We’re sure that MIKESTUFF has himself a blast chasing the jackpots. In just one session, he managed a total win of €30,840. Amazing! Fixed jackpots can be won at any stake, so if you haven’t registered yet, you can chase even the €50,000 jackpot with your free welcome bonus of €5! You can then further benefit with a first deposit bonus of up to €500 thanks to bonus code GP500. Go for it!

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