JPL toto betting contest with cash to win!

16 July 2022

From July 22, we can look forward the Belgian football on the highest level once more. Of course, we will be paying special attention to KV Mechelen, our sponsored JPL team. Do you have a favourite team of yourself? Or maybe you have a clue about how the JPL will go down? Join our JPL toto betting contest to prove your football smarts: there’s an amazing cash prize pool to win!

Toto betting

If you’ve participated in our Nations League toto betting contests a few months back, then you will know what to do here already. If not, here’s a refresher for you! In toto betting, you choose the 1X2 outcome a set number of events. For the JPL matchdays, the toto bet will consist of 9 events. You have to predict one of the three possible outcomes for all 9 of these for your toto bet to count.

In contrast to regular bets, there are no odds in toto betting. Instead, you simply pay what you can consider a participation fee of €1. There’s no limit to the number of toto bets you can fill in, as long as you pay the fee each time. The more toto bets you send in, the more variety you can choose in the outcomes. Logically, it follows that you have a bigger chance of winning with multiple toto bets.

JPL toto: 9 correct predictions for cash wins

This year, we’re celebrating the kickoff of Belgium’s highest football division with a toto betting contest. Tell us your 1X2 of every match (9 in total) of the upcoming matchday of the Jupiler Pro League. If you get a correct toto bet, you win cash – it’s that easy! So, do you think you know the JPL by heart? Time to prove that your knowledge of Belgian football is better than the rest!