Keep on playing thanks to our virtual sports offer!

16 April 2020

Now that sports competitions are cancelling one by one, it may become difficult to keep your sports knowledge honed. Don’t worry, has you covered! Thanks to our never-ending drive for offering our players a worthy solution, you can now find fun on a whole new level. Check out our new range of virtual sports now!

We’re working with the same trusted partner that has been bringing the regular sports offer for years. That means that you’ll have no trouble at all finding your way around these virtual sports! The only difference is that these are not live sports events, but, as the name says it, virtual ones. Here, the outcome is randomly generated each time in the same way that our other games of chance work.

This new offer will exist of 6 sports events. Regular sports fans can keep placing their predictions across 2 football competitions, a basketball league and a tennis tournament. More adventurous players can try out the horse racing and dog racing events that round out the current offer. As you can see, there’s something for everyone here. Up to you to try it out!

Thanks to this offer, you can keep having fun. Of course, there’s money to be made too! Each of our virtual events will offer you a wide range of odds, just like in the real-world counterpart of this virtual environment. Other advantages include a constant, day-and-night offer, quick results and quick payouts. Try these games of chance now and become a winner in the virtual sports world!

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