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Jackpots: the word itself carries an almost mythological connotation. Win a jackpot and you’re rich! At, it might as well be true, as we have several casino slot games and dice games that offer these fabled huge stroke-of-luck wins. Let’s have an in-depth look at the different jackpot systems that exist in casinos all around the world, with some tips & tricks to help you out.

First off, it’s important to realise that there’s more to jackpots than just randomly winning a huge amount. Generally speaking, there are two jackpot systems: variable jackpots and fixed jackpots. Any jackpot you will encounter will always be working along these two principles, and both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. How you reach the jackpots depends on game-specific mechanics: be sure to ascertain yourself what type of jackpot you’re dealing with before you throw yourself at it!

Variable jackpots

A jackpot is called variable when the amount you can win depends on the stake at which you are playing. Many games that offer this type of jackpot have several jackpot options too, generally a low, mid, and high jackpot. As the possible jackpot win is stake-tied, you could, for example, win between 20 and 2,000 times your stake, depending on the game and the size of the jackpot as it is fed by you and other players. You can easily identify this type of jackpot by changing your stake: the jackpot(s) will change accordingly.

Some games have variable jackpots that occur randomly, while other games need you to unlock the bonus game for a chance at the jackpots. In general, you have the same chance of winning either jackpot regardless of the stake at which you’re playing. This makes a variable jackpot ideal for all types of players, as low stakes have an equal shot at a set multiplication factor as compared to high stakes. In other words, each stake feeds its own jackpot.

Fixed jackpots

As the name suggests, fixed jackpots don’t move: they stay the same regardless of the stake at which you’re playing. Here, too, you might find games that offer several jackpots of increasing sizes, but games with just one massive jackpot exist as well. To check if you’re dealing with a fixed jackpot, you can simply change your stake, and even without playing at a higher or lower stake, the jackpot(s) will not change. Instead, you technically put more money into the total amount(s) that make up the jackpot if your stake is higher.

Even though you theoretically increase the likeliness of hitting the jackpot with higher stakes, you need to keep in mind that it all comes down to luck! Yes, you might have a chance of winning, for example, a jackpot of €25,000, but your theoretical chances of doing so with a €0.25 stake are sensibly slimmer compared to those at a €25 stake. To trigger fixed jackpots, you might first have to make it to a bonus game. In other cases, a jackpot can simply fall in your lap while playing your game! It’s important to read up on the game info to know what you’re dealing with.

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