Latifa wins €11,250 on VIP Roulette HD


Here at, we see several wins of hundreds to thousands of euros for our luckiest players day after day. That’s what makes Golden Palace happy! From time to time, we can celebrate a win that’s a little more special.

Yesterday, we’ve found such an occasion. Our player Latifa made an incredibly lucky play on VIP Roulette HD. She ended up with over ten thousand euros after her winning session!

VIP Roulette HD

Provider Fazi’s VIP Roulette HD is a popular online roulette table game in our selection. Here, you’re greeted by a lovely hostess, and it’s thanks to her presence that VIP Roulette HD does such a wonderful job at mimicking the live roulette experience! The hostess will keep you entertained as if you were live at a roulette table with her, even though her actions are pre-recorded. Of course, the game is played as all our other non-live roulette table games, with all the things that you love about roulette!

Latifa wins €11,250

Of course, the one thing that all roulette fans love the most, is seeing that little white ball land on the number that corresponds with the choice that they made. VIP Roulette HD can be approached in many different ways, making it an ideal game for beginners and advanced players alike. Latifa certainly qualifies as an advanced player now that she managed to gather €11,250 in a single lucky winning streak yesterday, October 26. Thank you for showing us how it’s done with this VIP win, Latifa!

It’s up to you now

If you want to make your very own big win on VIP win at one of’s roulette games, you could do so in a minute. That’s all it takes to register for free! Browse our splendid selection of games – there’s more than enough games to choose your favourite from. When you’re ready, you can make a small deposit, after which you can start playing to win. If you’re lucky enough, you could even upstage Latifa with an even bigger win that the one she managed. Red or black, odd or even: it’s up to you now!

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