LEC: the League of Legends European Championship


Esport is booming business around the world, and e-gamers are increasingly regarded as ambassador athletes of their sport, on par with stars from other sports like football. From today, June 12, the greatest League of Legends talents step into the arena for the LEC – the League of Legends European Championship. This Summer Split offer the sports bettors some fascinating options to discover this sports market and make some wild money!

The game

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online battle arena video games. For professionals, it quickly become so much more than a game, though. Nowadays, the greatest players all over the world compete in online League of Legend tournaments that can easily be described as true sports events.

In the fantasy world of League of Legends, players choose a champion and team up with others to battle other teams with the goal of destroying the enemy’s Nexus, or homebase. Champions can achieve this goal by collecting items and experience across the battlefield. The team that destroys the enemy’s Nexus first, wins the match.

The LEC format

The League of Legends European Championship started in 2013. The Championship year is divided into two splits: the Spring split, generally held in the first months of the year, and the Summer split, held over the summer. That means teams can compete to dominate the year by taking both Splits.

Last year, this feat was accomplished by G2 Esports, which already won the 2020 Spring Split and has its eyes set on the 2020 Summer Split too! Team Fnatic, too, has already won both Splits three times. Expect the battle for the Summer Split to be between these two giants!

The regular season of the Summer Split starts today, June 12, with the 10 teams each playing 18 best-of-one matches in a double round robin format over the course of the following months. After that, the top six teams go to playoffs. Here, the top 4 enter a winners bracket, while the remaining two enter a losers bracket.

The winners bracket follows a knockout format, with defeated teams falling back to the losers bracket. The losers bracket, meanwhile, uses a king-of-the-hill format in which the winner of each match squares off against the lowest-seeded team entering from the winners bracket after losing the match there.

The betting options

As League of Legends is a team sport, the betting options follow closely those of other team sports like football or basketball. The simplest and surest bet is usually on the winner of the match. There’s also ‘Team to Draw First Blood’, the League of Legends equivalent of which team opens the score, and ‘Team to Score the Most Kills’, which corresponds to which teams scores the most.

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Then, there are betting options specific to the game of League of Legends, such as betting on the first team to kill or destroy a specific target, each with their own likeliness of happening depending on the teams projected strength. Another League of Legends staple is ‘Race to kills’, which allows you to bet on the first team to reach a certain threshold of enemy kills in increments of 5, e.g. ‘Race to 15 kills’.

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