Live casino jackpot on Ezugi’s Speed roulette


Our live casino is well worth the visit on its own, but sometimes we can offer something that will quickly draw curious newcomers as well as seasoned veterans into the live casino experience. Thanks to to our efforts to keep our offer always fresh across our different, we can now proudly announce that we will be teaming up with provider Ezugi, one of our live casino providers, to offer a jackpot on live roulette table Speed Roulette the next two weeks. Join the fun now!

Ezugi promised to spoil our live casino fans over the next few weeks! From July 15 until July 29, there will be a daily jackpot on roulette table Speed Roulette. This jackpot will be fed automatically as people play on the table, and there will be one winner every day. This lucky player will win at least €500 at random. Anyone could be the winner, and all you need to do is take a seat at the Speed Roulette table by Ezugi to go for your chance of winning this jackpot.

There’s no upper limit on this jackpot: the more money is fed into the prize pool, the bigger the potential payout will get. Every spin you play adds a little to the total jackpot amount, so every spin counts! There is no minimum wager you need to place, and you could even win the daily jackpot several times. It looks like the following weeks are the perfect time to try out our live casino offer. Join the fun now and become a live casino roulette jackpot winner!

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