Live Casino Promo: week 1 is over, time for week 2!


The launch of our brand new live casino offer thanks to our recently acquired A+ license did not go unnoticed, thanks to our extensive promotion for this prestigious segment of our activities.

Many players took notice of our offer to a prize pot of €25,000 – who wouldn’t, if for starters players could get €10 for free? That’s right: simply by playing in our new live casino, you could receive €10. Haven’t gotten yours yet? Don’t worry: this offer will remain open during all four weeks of the promotion (once per player).

Week 1 was all about daily raffles, 2 raffles of €100 each, to be precise. Here are the lucky winners of our first week:

  • Roulette: FredHD, PILIGEO, malempre, Stinky13013
  • Card games: bombadillou, Alixexpat, ludoluc, bricefa1984

Of course, the fun is far from over… Let’s take a look forward to what the second week of our Live Casino Promo will bring. Starting Monday November 13th, we welcome the return of You Play We Pay! In this wildly popular promotion formula, you either win or get back a percentage of your live casino losses over the week. Depending on how you play this week, you will either take home a nice sum or get a cashback of 10% to 20%, up to €100!

And that’s still not all. Simply by participating in the promotion, you earn tickets for a final raffle at the end of week 4, where the total prize is €10,000! If you like the sound of that, head on over to our live casino!

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