March 2020 sports bets winners


Our incredible sports betting offer draws many smart bettors, who can calculate risks and reap big rewards. In the past few week, we’ve found some players who beat remarkable odds, winning thousands of euros with even the most modest of stakes. Curious about how they managed to get some quick money? Then read all about it, and then try to accomplish the same!

Over €2,000 for Mkproduct

First off, we tip our hat to our player Mkproduct. With a 6-fold multi bet on some lesser-known football competitions, our player turned a €25 bet into a payday of over €2,000. In his multiple, placed on March 14, he had ‘Total Under’ bets on the Serbian and Moroccon football competition that all turned out to be the correct predictions. In just a few moves in our sportsbook, Mkproduct made €2,018.14 this way.

Successful 22-fold for murobek

Generally speaking, it’s a wild idea to link together as many small odds as possible in a huge multi bet, as the risk increases which each selection. After all, just one wrong prediction ruins the bet. Our player murobek decided to spend just €25 on such a bet, combining low-odd selections in a wide variety of leagues. The risky business paid off enormously, as he got it all right and won €3,666.77. Well done!

€0.50 stake blows up over 700 times!

Speaking of turning the odds, check out what karen220974 pulled off with a stake of only €0.50! She combined straightforward ‘1x2’ predictions in an 11-fold multi bet focusing on the Europa League and Champions League on March 10. A risky selection on Shakhtar Donetsk to win away against Wolfsburg @3.50 was just one of the chances she took. After the bet settled, she had an amount of €364.44. Count it out: that’s no less than 729 times what she wagered. Congratulations, karen220974!

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