Massive multi bet winners


If you’re a sports betting enthusiast at, you’re surely excited about two things: our Golden Christmas end-of-year promotion and our accumulator bonus that are added automatically to your bet slip for every selection you add to your bet. This year, Golden Christmas combines these two fan favourites thanks to accumulator multipliers throughout the month of December. Plenty of players managed to win massive amounts this way, so let’s take a look at how they did it.

First up, we have jellertwil, who took advantage of our double accumulator bonus on December 5. His 10-fold multi bet on NBA included selections that required keen insight, such as a bet on the Los Angeles Lakers to win their away game against the Utah Jazz @2.18. Even though his 10 selections averaged a relatively modest @1.66, he still made a whopping €12,469.93 from his €76.86 stake, 10% – or €2,078.32 to be exact – of which is thanks to our double accumulator bonus. Well played, jellertwil!

Then there’s a smaller multi bet, but with a stake to winnings ratio nearing 100, it’s no less of an impressive feat. Skytiger1981 bet €57 on for football matches in England’s Championship, Italy’s Serie B, Germany’s Bundesliga and France’s Ligue 1. With odds ranging from @2.40 to @4.10, Skytiger1981 didn’t shy away from the risk, and it paid off, big times. His payout equalled €5,102.44, with 12% of that being thanks to the exceptional triple accumulator bonus of December 6. That’s how it’s done!

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last with an epic multi bet that shows you how winning big with a small stake is done! Betting just €5 on 8 of the Belgian Pro League games of last weekend, kvm_1904 achieved a truly mind-blowing win of €3,023.15 – over 600 times the original stake! As the bet was placed on our special promotional sports betting day December 6, kvm_1904 earned a massive 24% extra in real money, thanks to the triple accumulator, as all the selections came true. Can you imagine?

Haven’t registered before, but eager to try to imitate these wins thanks to our €5 welcome bonus? Then come join us at and try it out for free! After the registration process, you can claim the welcome bonus and use it to place a smart bet on the biggest games of the weekend. Our first deposit bonus, too, will convince you: we’ll pay you back your first bet up to €40 if lost and if the odds were at least @1.70. Don’t forget that our unique accumulator bonuses are tripled this Friday the 13th!

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