Massive sports bet wins for Sveidis1984!


At, we offer all the odds that you need to bet smarter and win more. Plenty of sports bettors have made quite some money this way! Last week’s sports events proved lucrative for many players, but one name stood out above the rest: Sveidis1984. This clever bettor managed to net himself a massive €5,519.53 in sports bet wins. Read all about how our big bet winner pulled this off!

These days, the football world is all about the Euro 2020 qualification games, as European nations crossed swords in the ninth and tenth match days. For many nations, qualification for next year’s big summer tournament was still on the line. Of course, there’s so much more than football to bet on, with any sports or entertainment event you can imagine represented in betting options at

Last week, our player Sveidis1984 used his keen instincts to place some smarter bets on the qualifiers for the upcoming European championship and on some top league games in both the Russian and the US ice hockey leagues. A first bet combined 2 international football games and 2 national hockey games, with the most remarkable selection being a tricky win for Finland’s U19 to beat Denmark @7.80.

The Finnish youngsters came through in the end with a shock 2-1 win over their Danish counterparts. Predicting this along with 3 other clever selections made Sveidis1984 no less than €1,389.49 from a stake of €25. Another similar combination of bets on the Euro 2020 qualifiers and ice hockey brought another big win of €1,417.51 from a bet of €29. But wait till you hear of Sveidis1984’s biggest exploit!

Our player took an admirable risk by betting €20 on 4 ice hockey games with odds over @2.30 from last Saturday, November 16. The shocker in this mind-blowing multi bet was a ‘Correct score: 2-1’ on the NHL game New Jersey Devils – Pittsburgh Penguins @6.75. In a rather low-scoring ice hockey game, the home squad came out on top with the exact score predicted by Sveidis1984, netting him €2,712.53!

We did the math: that’s a total odd of @130.41, which, thanks to our accumulator bonus, resulted in a win that amounts to over 135 times the €20 stake. And all that it took Sveidis1984 was some clever decisions through his sports knowledge. You can try this for yourself for free: if you register now, you can receive a welcome bonus of €5, and you can follow this up with an insurance bet of up to €40!

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