Meet our latest Golden Christmas accumulator bonus winners!


In our generous Golden Christmas promotion of 2019, we gave our thousands of sports bettors the deal of the year: double accumulator bonuses for all multi bets with 4 or more selections from December 2 until December 29, and even triple accumulator bonuses for those bets on special promotion days! Of course, plenty of players grabbed these chances to win more than a little extra with both hands. Let’s take a look at our latest greatest accumulator bonus winners!

First off, let us take a moment to celebrate the countless players who made hundreds of euros with just a €5 multi bet. While we’ve seen dozens of bettors who’ve multiplied over 20 times a stake equal to our welcome bonus, we’ve found some truly remarkable and inspiring wins. We’re talking about bettors like mido86, who managed to absolutely nail a 10-fold multi bet. Thanks to the applied accumulator bonus of €116.13, our player’s total winnings equalled €696.78.

Even more impressive is the story of AMRIOUI, whose €5 4-fold multi bet paid out no less than €1,420.46. In this multi b et, our player figured that Juventus could win away against Bayer Leverkusen even if the German side had an advantage of 1 goal. The odds @7.60 indicated a clear risk, as the Leverkusen is never to be underestimated. The selection came through, as did the whole bet, and it made AMRIOUI win his stake over 284 times!

Next up, there is the multi bet placed by Jurgen91. This bettor’s 10-fold multi bet of €12.50 consisted of selections on football games all around Europe mixed with basketball games. The odds may have seemed modest at an average of @1.64, but the eventual payout when all 10 events were correctly predicted was anything but modest. Thanks to the Golden Christmas accumulator bonus, our player received an extra of €257.14 for a total win of €1,542.86.

Of course, there’s more than just football to bet on. The American NHL ice hockey provides plenty of excitement too, as Sveidis1984 came to prove. He placed a €50 multi bet of 4 selections on this tough-as-nails competition, and saw his efforts rewarded with €2,204.06 in winnings, of which €163.26 was thanks to the accumulator bonuses. He didn’t shy away from danger with his 4 bets over @2.00, but most amazingly was his correct prediction of the New Jersey Devils to beat the Arizona Coyotes @4.10.

Many more players made inspiring 4-digit wins from a relatively low stake, sometimes just from the welcome bonus of €5, all thanks to the Golden Christmas accumulator bonuses! Any bet that combines 4 or more selections will enjoy double accumulator bonuses up until December 29 included. There’s one last day where the accumulator bonuses are tripled: December 31. Don’t forget that there’s also a raffle for a prize of €500 on that day. Read all about it on the Golden Christmas promotion page!

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