Multi bet tips and tricks


Multi bets are bets that have two or more selections in one bet, where all selections must be winning to make an overall win. Odds are multiplied, so you’ll stand to win much more if all your selections are correct. There’s a bigger risk if you put too much into your multi bet, though, but if you’re smart, it’s definitely worth the try. Have you always wanted to win big at betting? Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics to see how it works and how to make the most of it!

Inform yourself

An informed sports bettor is a winning sports bettor. It really pays off to read up on sports articles: you’ll discover the latest information that can influence odds. Some of this, such as recent record or rankings, are obvious to keep into account. Others, such as injuries or transfer rumours, are just as valuable. Learn to pay attention to what’s said between the lines here, too.

Look for special bets

Oftentimes, the more attractive odds aren’t readily visible, so you’ll have to go and dig deeper for them. 1X2 style bets are most well-known, but there are plenty of less obvious choices that offer interesting odds. Betting on a high total number of fouls where you have two football teams that don’t mind dirty play can be a clever addition to a bet on your preferred side.

Avoid obvious small odds

Sure, throwing a whole load of odds below @1.10 into a multi bet may seem to make sense, but at that point, you’re adding more risk than reward for every addition. Likewise, one small odd might not bring too much unnecessary risk, but as a flipside, it’s hardly worth the effort anyway. It’s generally better to mix 3 selections of around @2.50, than it is to make 10 of @1.10.

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