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Strategic dice games are not only incredibly fun to play, they also remain integral to the success of many of our players. In part, that can be explained by the fact that the games in this segment at allow some control over which strategy towards winnings you follow.

Another reason might be that plenty of these games have some sort of jackpot set up. However, the most lucrative feature that strategic dice games have to offer may also be the least understood. Let’s unravel the mystery of mystery games today, and explain how you can use them to win huge!

Mystery games are a common feature in strategic dice games. These special features can often be found in the bonus rounds that the games have to offer. Usually, this bonus round includes a wheel similar mechanism to determine your bonus prize. That prize can be either points for a higher win, a cash prize worth several times your stake, and one or more of these fabled mystery games.

If you’re lucky enough to win one or more mystery games, it would at first glance seem like you return to the main game empty-handed. Don’t be fooled though, as your mystery games are just about to begin! But before you start, it’s important to understand that mystery games remain paid games: you can only play these mystery games at the stake you were using when you won them.

So just keep playing as you normally would, you’ll find out the mystery soon enough! Aim for any combination of vertical or horizontal winning lines in the available slots, and if you make at least 100 points (the standard minimum for a winning payout), you will receive a reward as if you made 1,000 points. This means that you could possibly win your stake back hundred-fold!

Of course, mystery games are not the only feature that draws winners to strategic dice games. These games, as all others in our extensive and highly diverse online gaming offer. Golden Palace really has it all when it comes to online gaming entertainment! Register now and you will have our offer of almost 2,000 games at at the tip of your fingers. Come join the fun!

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