Nations League toto betting contest with €2,500 to win

26 May 2022

The Nations League takes off for a third time from June 2, so prepare yourself for high-stakes European national football! Which nation will win this time around? If you have an idea how the first matchday will go, we have an awesome toto betting contest for you, with €2,500 to win. Discover all about toto betting and our contest here. Time to prove your football knowledge!

Toto betting

In toto betting, you basically choose one of three outcomes across several sports events, typically of football games. The result can be a win for the home team, a draw, or a win for the away team. You indicate which of these three possibilities you think will be the correct one for all sports events covered by the toto. If you’re right with all of your predictions, then you win!

One important distinction to make here is that this toto is not decided through odds for each individual option. Instead, you can consider your stake in toto betting more as a participation fee. You can even participate multiple times by filling in the toto form multiple times. A single toto bet is relatively cheap, but of course, it follows that the chance of winning is comparatively modest too.


Nations League toto betting contest: €2,500 to win!

To kick of the 2022-2023 Nations League season, we’re organizing our very own toto! Now that you know the concept, it’s time to show you on which games we’ll ask you to place your toto bets. We’ve taken the pick of the litter of the first matchday of the Nations League, with exciting duels between some of the biggest nations in Europe! Below you’ll find the ten matches in our toto betting contest.

If you can correctly predict the 1X2 results of all these games, then you win part of the prize pool of €2,500. Participation in this toto betting contest is only €1, so that it’s possible a stake multiplier of up to 2,500. Where else are you going to find that? Whether you do your research or follow your gut, don’t wait too long: your toto bet has to be confirmed before the start of the first game on June 2!

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