NetEnt’s cluster slot games


In cluster slot games, a popular form of casino games provided by NetEnt, you don’t aim for creating the longest possible lines that run from left to right. Instead, any group of identical symbols (the cluster) that border each other in any way will trigger a payout. Let’s look at some of the most spectacular and most entertaining games in this casino game variation!


Aloha, welcome to Hawai’i! Beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, tropical forests, and a wonderful native culture: who wouldn’t want to travel to the islands of Hawai’i? In NetEnt’s cluster slot game Aloha, you can do so in fashion. This game is not only special because of the use of clusters. It also has reels that don’t match up, which actually increases the chance of clustered symbols occurring!

Finn’s Golden Tavern

Have you met Finn? His funny little lucky leprechaun is already going on his second NetEnt adventure. This time, he invites you to his Golden Tavern, where you’ll enjoy more than just a hearty drink! In Finn’s Golden Tavern, you try to get clusters of identical symbols. However, the spins don’t happen in a vertical manner. Instead, this slot game has swirly spins, and plenty of random features that come along!

Wild Worlds

Wild Worlds is an action-packed cluster slot game with a focus on interactive animations. Your winning spins on the reels will trigger different animations in the control center, where our protagonists fight off nasty aliens in heroic fashion. Here, too, there are no winning lines, but clusters that deliver your payout. Can you create the clusters to power up your defences in Wild Worlds?

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