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Here at, we take care of your every need. We know that that includes the regular introduction of innovative gameplay elements to keep our fanbase entertained to the max. Over the last month, we’ve delivered on this promise in commendable fashion. Thanks to new providers, we can now give you a whole new type of games for you to enjoy. Read on the find out about some of these, and then go find them all on our casino game page!

Grabba Dabba 2

If you’ve ever been to amusement arcades at travelling funfairs, we can imagine the smile on your face when you learn about this novel experience in online gaming! Grabba Dabba 2 by Core Gaming is a game that mimics a claw crane, one of the most recognizable and most beloved forms of carnival entertainment. In Grabba Dabba 2, you let the crane grab for a prize – but as in real life, there’s never a guarantee that the crane will carry your prize to the dropoff point!


Zeppelin, a highly innovative casino experience by one of our latest providers Betsolutions, is a game unlike any other! Just place your bets and watch the zeppelin take off. How long will it float before it blows up? The greatest advantage of this game is that you can relatively easily win a little money if you’re quick enough to cash out. The longer you wait, the bigger the reward will be, but remember: the zeppelin explodes at random, so keep your mind in the game!

Sevens Staxx

Compared to the other two games we’re putting in the spotlight here, Sevens Staxx is a fairly straightforward casino slot game. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its suit of strong points, of course! How about a jackpot feature? Seven Staxx has got you covered! Any stack of sevens in full view on any of reels 2, 3 or 4 will trigger a chance to win the corresponding jackpot. Reels 1 and 5 are reserved for the bonus symbol – that means that just 2 symbols can unlock the bonus wheel.

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