New Year’s Day football in the Premier League


It’s tradition in the Premier League for the teams to come head to head on New Year’s Day. This always offers the sports fans a lot of excitement, as no team wants to start the new year on a losing note, of course. Leader Liverpool can lean back and enjoy the show as it only sees action on January 2 against Sheffield United, so its competitors will have to fight among themselves. Let’s have a look at the most fascinating fixtures before us, so we can keep our winning streaks going into the new year.

Brighton & Hove Albion – Chelsea (Wednesday January 1, 1.30 p.m.)

Famous London outfit Chelsea sits in an isolated 4th place: neither a win nor a draw nor a loss will change anything to its position. The gap with Liverpool is a whopping 20 points, and the nearest rival is Manchester City, at 41 points. Closing the gap should start with a clear victory over also-ran Brighton & Hove. Last time around, Chelsea managed to push Arsenal deeper into trouble with a second-half comeback performance that settled the game 1-2. Can Chelsea carry its momentum into the next year?

Bet €10 on Chelsea to win away against Brighton & Hove Albion and maybe almost double your stake @1.96!

Watford – Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wednesday January 1, 4 p.m.)

It may not be the most striking fixture in the bunch, but for Wolverhampton, this game could make or break the season. On the one hand, a victory would launch it from 7th place to 6th place, but on the other hand, Tottenham Hotspur has to lose to Southampton for that to come true. In relegation-threatened Watford, the Wanderers have a more feasible task at hand than their competitors. A win is also sorely needed to keep Sheffield United, the team breathing down its neck from only one point behind, at bay…

Wolverhampton can be expected to give it its all: a bet to beat Watford @2.28 is great value!

Southampton – Tottenham Hotspur (Wednesday January 1, 4 p.m.)

Tottenham finds itself in the same situation as rival Wolverhampton, but with Southampton, it has an opponent that poses the tougher trip. Southampton recently beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, so its 15th place is little more than a number. Even more: a victory could catapult the Saints to the middle of the table – provided that all stays as it is now… If the Spurs win, they keep themselves firmly in the race for qualification for tickets to the European football competitions. Who has the biggest drive to win here?

Consider a bet on a fair draw in this fixture and win €36 from a €10 bet @3.60!

Arsenal – Manchester United (Wednesday January 1, 9 p.m.)

The biggest fixture of the first day of the new year is played last: Arsenal hosts Manchester United in a battle for supremacy. Arsenal is languishing in a 12th place with just 24 point, but somehow everyone’s pointing to Manchester United as having an off-season. The Red Devils, however off their season may be, have clawed their way to a 5th place, now 7 points clear of Arsenal. They’ve also started a small winning streak against teams that populate the same region of the table as the Gunners.

Disappointment for both teams could be a victory for you: bet €10 on a draw and win €36.50!

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